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Your First Homeopathy Session

What Will Your First Homeopathy Session Be Like?

Please make sure you have completed and returned the Intake Questionnaire before your first appointment.

Your first homeopathy session will run about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  Many people are pleasantly surprised by the level of attentiveness and depth of the initial session.

As your homeopath, I am here to support you as we endeavor together along your path to better health.  You will be deeply listened to, acknowledged, and honored during your homeopathy sessions.

Clients typically say that they feel “lighter, with less burdens on their shoulders” after their initial session –  even before any remedies are given.

During the session, you are free to share anything and everything about yourself, your life, your history, your circumstances, and anything else that you may feel you need or want to share.

Note that everything is kept strictly confidential during every session.

We will explore your symptoms, how they arose, how long they’ve been going on, what life events may have been going on at the time your symptoms appeared, your outlook on life, and other relevant factors that may be involved.

Every session is based in non-judgmental acknowledgement that allows for you a safe space in which you are honored in all ways.

The type of sharing and honoring that is involved in a homeopathy session can be a powerful first step in your healing process.

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