Wellness Coaching FAQ's

FAQ's About Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching FAQ's
What Is A Wellness Coach?
A Wellness Coach is someone who helps you identify changes in your diet, lifestyle, and mind-set that you can make to reach your health & wellness goals, whether to lose weight, reduce stress, gain energy, etc. 
As a Wellness Coach, I am both a good listener and advice-giver.  I guide clients through the confusing world of health & nutrition information, and I offer recommendations based on your individual goals, habits, and health status.
Also as a Wellness Coach, I provide support and an accountability partner as you move along your path toward your goals.
What Diet Do You Recommend?
While I myself follow an omnivore type diet, I recognize that we are all different. Our bodies are different, our taste buds are different, our social and economic circumstances are different.  What works for one person may not work for someone else.

I work together with each client to create the best diet and lifestyle programs that support them towards their individual goals and help them to feel their best. 

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