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Reiki Classes St Petersburg, Florida


Reiki Classes are a progression from Reiki 1 (Level I), Reiki 2 (Level II), up to the advanced status of Master-Teacher Level. Each class along the progression becomes more in-depth, allowing students to develop the specific techniques & a deep understanding of Reiki natural healing.  Students progress at their own speed, following their demonstrated ability and readiness to move on.

Our class schedule is designed with the busy student's lifestyle in mind.  We offer evening or weekend classes for those students who work during the week.   In addition, timing of class progression is flexible, allowing students to practice and grow into what they're learning before progressing to the next level.  Individual attention is sometimes preferred as well by students. Toward this end, we will schedule a class or series of classes for you individually.

Important Note: We're a local business, which means that we're here for you when you've completed a class. We schedule, by request and availability, Reiki Practice Share's for students to network and develop their skills.  And we're available by phone or email to address any questions students may have after completing a class. Our services are volunteered in our community and We Care.

Reiki  Level 1

Reiki I is the first Class in the Reiki natural healing curriculum. Upon completion of Reiki Level 1, the student will have a basic knowledge of the history of Reiki, the Reiki procedures, and will have experienced giving and receiving hands-on Reiki.  An open and relaxed atmosphere is provided for the student.  This course will provide the student with an introducion to Reiki's origination, Reiki Levels, Reiki Level 1 energy techniques, applications, and proper hand positions for treating yourself and others.  Students will receive Reiki Level 1 Attunements, which allow the student to access the Reiki energy. Each student will receive a Handbook and a Certificate upon completion of the 8-hour course.  Reiki Level 1 Class $279

Reiki  Level 2

Reiki II is the second class in the Reiki natural healing curriculum. (Completion of Reiki Level 1 is a prerequisite) Upon completion of Reiki Level 2, the student will have knowledge of, and will experience working with, Reiki Level II energy and symbols. Reiki Symbols are energetic keys used to enhance and access specific energies.  The Reiki II symbols enable each practitioner to facilitate healing at the physical, mental and emotional levels, and to conduct distance healings. The student will learn about working with the energetic body, chakra system, Reiki Symbol applications, and professional ethics. Students will receive Reiki Level 2 Attunements, and will experience hands-on practice using the Reiki Level II symbols.  Each student will receive a Handbook and a Certificate upon completion of the 8-hour course.  Reiki Level 2 Class $299

Reiki Level 3 (2 days)

Reiki III - Master-Teacher Class, is the 3rd and final class in the Reiki natural healing curriculum. (Completion of both Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 is a prerequisite)  The Reiki Level 3 course will enable and prepare the student to teach Reiki and conduct Reiki Attunements (Reiki I, II, and Master-Teacher.)  This course will introduce the student to the Master-Teacher symbols, which are powerful guides used to facilitate spiritual healing. Students will learn the Reiki Teaching Methods and Procedures, Attunement Processes, Symbol Applications, Teaching Principles, and Professional Ethics.  Students will also participate in giving an Attunement,  and will experience intense hands-on review & practice.  Each student will receive a Handbook and a Certificate.

The Master-Teacher Class is designed to generate masterful, dedicated Reiki practitioners -teachers who are committed to continuing the mission of the Reiki Natural Healing Community and increasing global awareness of Reiki Energy Healing.  Reiki Level 3 Class $679

Groups and Organizations:  Do you have friends, work associates, or an organization that would like to learn Reiki?  Select your own training dates when you have a minimum of 4 people (based on availability).