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Body Wisdom CranioSacral Therapy Client Testimonials

My Clients Are Here To Say That You Too Can Find Lasting Relief

“I had a frozen shoulder with pain and numbness down my arm for nearly 2 years. There were many things I couldn’t do anymore, and I had gained weight because I couldn't work out. I tried so many therapies with little relief. Then I saw Sandy, and after 1 session I began to feel better. After 4 sessions I’m now 95% better. No pain, no numbness. I can move my arm in any direction. I’m back to teaching and working out, and I’m losing this excess weight! And I’m sleeping comfortably and soundly through the night. I’m traveling to Hawaii soon, a trip I’d been putting off because of the pain and fear of making my shoulder worse. I can live my life again with confidence and joy, thanks to Sandy!”    Diane Billman

“Sandy does phenomenal work. If you have anything that ails you, I highly recommend a visit to Sandy. She has the magic touch and you will feel so much better after your treatment.”   Dave Henning

I had severe, debilitating headaches that kept me from working steadily for many years. My wife has had to work 2 jobs to support our family. I tried other therapies with no relief. I saw Sandy for 2 sessions and I’m astonished and so thankful that I’ve not had a headache since! I’m now looking for a full-time job, so my wife can stop carrying the whole load. I’ve been going to my son’s baseball games again. I’ve been sleeping well and I have much more energy. I'm back to being my old self again. My family and I are excited about our future again. Thank you Sandy!    Don

“I had TMJ and an ear infection. Sandy was able to release them both so I could travel and work.  I am so thankful for you, Sandy!”   Rene Ortiz

“I had Trigeminal Neuralgia, which began in the early 1990's. I went to every doctor and dentist imaginable and got as many answers. I tried many different remedies from drugs to chiropractics, with very little results. The pain felt like to having a spike placed under my jaw bone and then slammed in with a sledge hammer – it came on suddenly, took my breath away, and would make my knees buckle and left me shaking for hours afterwards. I could barely work. Life was a nightmare! I could barely lift my head off the pillow some mornings, and often wondered how long I could go on if this pain continued. I finally went to Sandy as a referral from my massage therapist. I didn't believe that CranioSacral Therapy could help me, and it took a series of sessions, but I am now completely pain free, and have been for a few years now! No more drugs, no more wondering how I’d go on. I’m enjoying my work again and I’m traveling again. Best of all - I’m smiling again! If it wasn’t for Sandy, I don’t know where I’d be today! With all my heart I truly recommend her services!”   Penny Druce

“You, my dear, are a miracle worker!”   Kae Yauchler

“I went to Body Wisdom CranioSacral Therapy seeking relief for severe insomnia. I had tried numerous other solutions, to no effect. Sandy turned out to be the ticket for me. I am able to get to sleep and sleep well for the first time in years.”   Jim Alexander

“I had been diagnosed with vertigo and had tried many things that gave me only temporary relief. I saw Sandy for a few visits and I’m happy to say that I’m back to work and can go boating again too.  Thank you Sandy!”   Tracy K.

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