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Temporal Bone Dysfunction and Vertigo & Migraines – Are They Linked?

Studies have confirmed that the Temporal Bones play a part in many types of headaches and vertigo.  The temporal bones are the bones behind the ears; they attach at the jaw as well.

A report by Dr. Magoun in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association states “Physicians knowledgeable about osteopathic theory and procedures in the cranial field have found it possible to relieve many conditions that result from abnormalities in the position and motion of temporal bones. …deviations of these bones may be responsible for migraines, vertigo…”

Having a Migraine, with the associated pounding pain, nausea, and visual and sensory issues is debilitating.  I know.  My mother used to have Migraines.

Thankfully she doesn’t recall ever having Vertigo with a Migraine, though she experienced years of nasty Migraines until CranioSacral Therapy gave her her life and her health back.

Imagine for a moment, feeling like you’d rather die than endure another moment of that pain…and on top of all that hell having the world reeling and keeling around you…even while lying still.

Nausea is one thing, and it’s terrible combined with debilitating pain.  Having Vertigo with a Migraine has to be, in my opinion, a form of h*&l.

People who suffer from Vertigo aren't able to drive, or walk, or even sit up or move in many cases, depending on the severity.

One type of Vertigo occurs when the crystals in the inner ear canal get displaced and stuck in the wrong position.  Another type of vertigo can occur from debris lodged in the inner ear canal, typically from some type of head trauma.

In my clinical experience, I have seen many, many patients with Migraines, and many patients with Vertigo.  And along the way, I’ve seen patients exhibiting both sets of symptoms together.  

Temporal bone dysfunction relates to both Migraines and Vertigo, and through with CranioSacral Therapy the temporal bones can return to optimal functioning, with Migraines and Vertigo becoming a thing of the past.

If you have Vertigo and/or Migraines, then you’re a good candidate for CranioSacral Therapy.  Please call 727-415-4772 today for your complimentary consultation to see how we can help.

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