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Sandy Schell, ACST, LWC


Are you feeling stuck in life?

Do you feel like something is holding you back?

Is your energry being drained away from you?

Do you have a physical health challenge you'd like remedied?

Have you experienced traumas, wounds, neglect, abandonement, addictions, fears, or abuse?

Energetic imbalances affect the subtle energy fields that permeate and surround our body.  Over time, these imbalances can move into your physical body, causing dis-ease symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose and slow to respond or resolve.

Energy Healing Is Effective for:




Life Situations

What Is Energy HealingEnergy Healing involves working with the subtle energy centers within and around the body to facilitate optimal functioning of one's innate healing mechanisms.

What Is Reiki Reiki is a healing modality whereby energy is channeled into one’s body via hands on or remote methods to activate the natural healing processes.

What Is Vibrational Healing Vibrational Healing works with the subtle energies in and around the body. (More specific than Energy Healing or Reiki)

What Is Quantum HealingQuantum Healing involves working with the energtic fields in their support of one's healing faculties.

What Is Matrix EnergeticsMatrix Energetics works on an energetic causal level to effect changes in one's beliefs, which in turn creates change on the causal level, enhancing one's natural healing capacities.

What Is Reconnective Healing Reconnective Healing entails working with energy, light, and information on multiple higher energetic levels, which facilitates better communication and healing.

What Is Distance CranioSacral Therapy Distance CranioSacral Therapy works with the CranioSacral Rhythm in one's body, which is directly connected to higher wisdom; corrects physical ailments and disruptive patterns that contribute to declining health and aging.

How does Remote Energy Healing work?

With your permission, I tap into your unique energy vibration. Within your vibration, I can feel where your Being is in balance, and where it is not.  I apply my intuitive gifts and abilities in removing  and balancing your entire energy field.  Energy drains and blockages are removed.  Messages and tools are usually received for your benefit to use after the session.  I am able to see, sense, and know what is needed to move you beyond the imbalances and blockages by working with the wise aspects of You that know what is needed for you to thrive.

During the session, you'll feel releases and energy moving as physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual imbalances and barriers disappear.  You'll become free to be more of who you were designed to be - vibrant, healthy, happy, and able to move forward confidently in life, having left behind what is no longer serving your highest and best interests in life.

You'll feel refreshed and restored, more centered in your own flow in life.  You'll gain new and helpful perspectives, and feel more able to move forward in your life in positive and supportive ways.

Contact us to experience what others have experienced in achieving optimal health and well-being.

Remote Energy Healing