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Sandy Schell, ACST, LWC


The Benefits of CranioSacral Therapy

Our body is an amazing creation that is designed to heal itself. CranioSacral Therapy views the body as a whole dynamic unit, wherein structure and function are interrelated and inseparable. The body is a self-regulating and self-correcting mechanism. 

For example, when we cut our finger, we don’t have to tell the blood to clot and the wound to heal.

As one system is restored to balance, the other systems come into balance as well.


Clients who most benefit from CranioSacral Therapy are those who are ready to transform their life   – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Because all healing begins from within, CranioSacral Therapy can transform any condition where the client desires to create change.

Who does this include?

CranioSacral Therapy has been clinically shown to:

CranioSacral Therapy can benefit those who are experiencing:

Imagine how much of your time and energy could be used in other, more enjoyable areas of your life, as you move beyond limitations and pain.  CranioSacral Therapy has been the answer for many people all over the world.  Would you be willing to give CranioSacral Therapy a try?  Call for a Complimentary Consultation.