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Sandy Schell, ACST, LWC


Hello, and Welcome!

 I'm Sandy Schell, an award-winning therapist and founder & owner of Body Wisdom CranioSacral Therapy.

For decades I have been passionate about natural health and healing.  Throughout my years of studies, training, research and clinical experience, I have been dedicated to healing those who seek change and transformation, as well as educating women, men, and children about natural health and wellness.

Over the years, I have been trained in CranioSacral Therapy, Vibrational Medicine, Reiki, Energetic and Remote Healing, Access Consciousness, and Flower Essence Therapy, to name a few.

My mission is to help people discover natural, healthy ways to move beyond limitations and pain, to attaining their life & health goals.  

My Journey:  After many years of study and practice with various healing therapies, I had a near-death experience (NDE), which dramatically changed my life from that point forward.  During the NDE, I became aware of what “is” beyond this world of time and space.  I was given access to the “big picture,” which I now utilize to effect lasting changes with clients all over the world.  By the doctors I was told that I would not live to year’s end.  That was well over 2 decades ago!  

I am vibrantly healthy, and you can be too.

Time and space are irrelevant when it comes to healing.  This I know from my own near-death experience, as well as the experience of many clients I’ve worked with who have healed when they were told that there was little, if any, hope for them.  

There is a Wisdom in this universe, that once accessed, can provide for healing of a wide variety of diseases and disorders – even ones that are considered debilitating or life-threatening.  This Wisdom works through me to facilitate profound changes in your health and your life – as it has done in mine.

I am dedicated to bringing health and well-being to my clients with the best skills, expertise, information, options, resources, healing methods and therapies available on this planet.  

From decades of study, research, training, and clinical experience working with clients, I have experienced great success in facilitating healing and health for people just like yourself, regardless of the diagnosis, the complexity, the severity, the history, the prognosis, or the belief systems in place.


People have imbalances in their body, in their energy, and in their mind that are wreaking havoc in their health and everyday life. These imbalances feed off one another and, like spider webs, they grow into tangled messes, slowly choking the life out of you.  When the imbalances are brought back into balance, and the tangled webs are removed,  the communication and energy flow throughout the entire system –on all levels - drastically improves, restoring to you great health, high levels of energy, pain-free living, and feelings of abiding wellness.

One of my unique gifts is that I can feel where these tangled messes are located.  When you come to me, there is no guesswork.  There are no “1-must-fit-everyone” protocols.  

My form of healing is the most effective and least expensive way to make tremendous positive changes in your body, your health, your well-being, and your everyday quality of life.

CranioSacral Therapy, blended with the other profound healing methods and tools I use, has changed my life for the better, and it is my mission to help others achieve amazing healing too.  It’s possible.  I and many others are walking, breathing proof.

My healing methods are safe, effective, and non-invasive therapies that heal your body, your mind, and your energetics on fundamental levels.

Some of the many people that I have learned from include Dr. John Upledger, Rikka Zimmerman, Richard Bartlett, Dr. Dain Heer, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, and  Eric Pearl, to name a few.

Hear what my clients have to say .

My “Why”:   Our body has an innate wisdom, and it is communicating this wisdom to us every day.  Unfortunately, not many of us know how to listen to and interpret this wise guidance from within.

I specialize in listening to the body’s wisdom, and then releasing the restrictions, obstructions, and impediments to optimal functioning in the body. I have observed, again and again, how people have gone from being in a terrible state – full of pain and hopelessness when I first meet them, to a completely transformed state of being – energetic, smiling, and once again living enjoyably and reaching for their dreams.

I have seen people barely able to walk into my office – having to use walkers and canes due to incredible amounts of disability and pain, transform into being able to stride into my office confidently of their own free will.  I’ve seen people on unbelievable dosages of prescription medications move beyond the illness, disease, and the need for medications.  I’ve seen people with bizarre neurological imbalances that were wreaking havoc in their body and their life become free of them.  I’ve seen people that are near death from having a multitude of imbalances in their body heal completely.

My “Why” is what “gets me out of bed” every morning.  Every day contains the potential and the promise of the people who seek me out being able to live anew, free from limitations and pain, and newly able to live an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you find this site helpful.  I would be honored to answer questions you have and discuss your particular circumstances to see how I may be of help to you too.

Here’s how to Contact Me.

Best regards,