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Always, always, always consult your doctor for any health problems, and follow their guidance. Coronavirus is a serious disease, and can be life threatening.

For those who believe in, and know how to utilize the benefits of homeopathy, the following may be helpful during flu season, and the spread of Coronavirus.

Oscillococcinum is a cold and flu remedy that many people around the world swear by. The key with this remedy is that you must take it at the very first sign of impending illness. The challenge is that either we’re not aware enough that something is developing in our body, or that we blow off the idea that something is, in fact, developing. Many of us are aware of the moment they realized that “something was beginning”, but we ignore it, or we just hope we’re wrong. But this is the moment to take Oscillococcinum. Keep a tube or 2 in your purse or desk. That way, you can nip it in the bud before anything develops further.

One of the main remedies used for Fever and dry cough is Bryonia Alba’s (30c). Bryonia is used for many things, and may help slow/stop flu progression if the symptoms match.  The Bryonia cough will be dry, with little mucus coming up/out. It’s the type of cough that many people reach for tea with honey for. The fever, in a number of cases, may develop at night, and you’ll wake up with it. Also of note is that movement tends to make the symptoms worse, and you may want to be left alone and stay still. Talking, thinking, even focusing your eyes to read may feel just too much. There may be headache too. Pressure tends to make the symptoms better – we see people holding their head during a headache, or holding their chest when they cough. Constipation and loss of taste may present as well. Bryonia is also a remedy used for pleurisy and pneumonia.

If the symptoms progress to tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, and lung inflammation/beginning stages of pneumonia, then the consensus is to use Lycopodium clavatum (30c). Lycopodium is another remedy that has a variety of uses when the symptoms match. The Covid19 virus has an affinity for the right lung more than the left, though bilateral presentation is common. Lycopodium is a right-side remedy, and works well for disease patterns that go from right to left.  Lycopodium is a common flu/pneumonia remedy.

The key with success using homeopathy is having a clear picture of the symptoms and finding the remedy that best matches the symptoms. Consulting with a trained Homeopath is recommended.


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