Health Consultation FAQ's

FAQ's About Health Consultations

Health Consultation FAQ's
What Is A Health Consultation?
A Health Consultation is a way to sort out how to move forward toward your health goals.  Sometimes there is way too much information to absorb and sort through.  Other times, doctors are left scratching their heads, not knowing what is causing your symptoms.  Doctors have only very limited treatment options – either prescription drugs – or surgery.  And sometimes those two options just aren’t enough.
That’s where a Health Consultation comes in.  We schedule a phone conversation to discuss your symptoms, health history, and the treatment options being offered (or the lack thereof).  From that we discuss other therapies, outside of prescriptions and surgery, that may potentially be helpful to you.
After 21+ years working with a wide variety of complex cases, I can put this experience and expertise to use for you – via a Health Consultation.
Who Would Be A Good Candidate For A Health Consultation?

Anyone who is feeling afraid, confused, overwhelmed, or neglected by their regular doctor would be a good candidate for a Health Consultation.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied with the treatment options you’ve been given, you’d be a good candidate for a Health Consultation.

If you’re wondering if there are other, more natural ways to resolve your health challenges, you’d be a good candidate for a Health Consultation.

How Do I Setup A Health Consultation?
Call, text, or email me, and we can schedule a convenient time.
Health Consultations usually last about 45 minutes.

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