health consultations

What Is A Health Consultation

Health Consultations are offered to those who are feeling disappointed or confused as to their direction forward towards health and healing.


Linda presented with muscle wasting in her right arm, right chest, and had lost the use of her right hand.  Her doctors had run every test they could think of, and nothing definitive showed up as the cause of Linda’s symptoms.  Feeling afraid and confused, she reached out to me about what was going on.  We discussed at length her symptoms, the diagnostic results, and her health history.  Based on my years of experience with a wide variety of complex cases, I made recommendations to Linda to potentially pursue.  By following my recommendations, Linda was able to get the proper therapies she needed for healing, and has mostly recovered the use of her right hand.  Her muscle mass has returned as well.


Who Can Benefit From A Health Consultation

  • Are your doctors unable to determine what is causing your symptoms?
  • Have you been told “it’s all in your head”?
  • Are you unhappy with treatment options being offered, and wonder if there is another way to health?
  • Do you have symptoms that aren’t showing up on scans or other diagnostics?

If you answered “yes” to 1 or more of the above, then a Health Consultation may be a great option for you.



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